Penicillin Group


Composition -:

• piperacillin Sodium -4 gr.

• Tazobactum -500 mg.

Mode of Action -:

• PIPERACILLIN-Inhibits both septum and cell wall synthesis of Gram +ve, Gram-ve aerobes & anaerobic bacteria By binding to PBPs (penicillin Binding bacteria)


Nosocomial Pneumonia, Appendicitis and Peritonitis. Uncomplicated & complicated skin and soft tissue infection


• A potent inhibitor of many B-Lactamase ,extends The spectrum of piperacillin to include many B-Lactamase producing Bacteria.


• operative intra-abdominal infections.

By Intra -: venous infusion over 30 minutes, The usual total daily dose for adult is 12 gr peperacillin/1.5gr Tazobactam for 7to 10 days ,given as 3.375gr every 6 hours.

Packing- 4.5 gr GRANITAZ/AGRITAZ I.V..

Dosage & Administration -: Adult:-GRANITAZ/AGRITAZ inj, should be administered.

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