Composition –Each 100 ml contains Linezolid IP 200 mg, Dextrose Anhydrous IP 5% W/V and Water for injection IP q.s.

Feathers-inhibits the bacterial ribosomal translation process by selectively binging to a site On the 23S ribosomal RNA of the 50SSubunit ,there by preventing initiation complex formation with the 70S ribosomal subunit.

Dose – Adults-600mg IV every 12 hourly for 10-28 days depending Upon the indication.

Packing-A FFS bottle of 300 ml.

Pediatric patients-10mg/kg IV every 8 hourly for 10-28 days depending upon the indication.

Spectrum of Activity - Staph (MSSA,MRSA),Strep ,VRE ,Osteomyelitis,infective endocarditis,Febrile neutropenia, Skin and skin structure infection including diabetic foot infection ,community- acquired pneumonia.

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