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COMPOSITION – Each film coated tablet of AG XT contains ferrous Ascorbate which is equivalent to elemental iron 100 mg and folic acid 1.5mg.

Each 5ml of AGXT SYP contains ferrous Ascorbate equivalent to elemental iron 30mg And folic acid 500 mcg.

Features:-Ferrous Ascorbate and Folic Acid, ensure superior absorption & better bioavailability. It has additional anti-oxidant properties which ensure maximum iron utilization. Ferrous Ascorbate & folic acid are a vital vitamins that helps a pregnant women attain a good health during the Entire pregnancy. A pregnant women is likely to become anemic during the entire stage of Conception and takeing a ferrous ascorbate folic acid regularly or on a daily basis would provide A pregnant women the sufficient amount of iron and folic acid.

Indication & Usages:-Iron deficiency anemia,it also helps to prevent neural tube defects.

IT also used to prevent heart disease& stroke.

Dose :-one to two tabs per /day or as directed by the doctor.

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