Emergency Contraceptive Pills


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COMPOSITION – Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg.

Class – Emergency contraceptive Pills.

Indication:-Un wanted pregnancy and then going for abortion. Like condoms failed. IF you had physical relationship without any planning & hence could not use any barrier Method .

Mode of Action:-If you are pregnant the egg is already fertilized implanted on the uterus. UN PLEASANT – 72 works by not allowing egg is to get implanted on the wall of the uterus. It is progesterone based pill.

Level protection of UNPLEASENT – 72 Tab Once a Day

Within 24 hour: up to 95% 24 – 48 hours : 85% 48 – 72 hours: 58%

Avoid Using:-Teenage Girls, May Doctors fell that this pill is not suitable for women below 25 years of age. What if you vomit after taking the pill ? In that case , Please take other Pill Immediately.

Side EffectsNausea, Vomiting , Irregular menstruation period ,Mild to severe Headache, Sudden mood changes & dizziness.

Packing :-1 tab in strip.

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