Cephalosporin Group

GRANTAZ 1.125 gm I.V

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Composition:-Ceftriaxone 1 gr & Tazobactam-125mg

Group:-3rd Generation Cephalosporins.

Mode of Action:-Ceftriaxone-inhibits cell wall synthesis.Tazobactam -Beta-lactamase Inhibitor

Tazobactam enhance antibacterial spectrum of cephalosporin to Include bacterial that are otherwise resistant.Tazobactam-Ceftriaxone Combination has demonstrably better clinical success rate then Cephalosporins used alone.Beta-lactam/Beta-lactamase combinations In general yield better clinical outcome than competitor. Tazobactam-Ceftriaxone combination has the unique properties of a broad spectrum Antibiotic with the added advantage of a wide- spectrum beta-lactamase inhibitor.

Dosage:Adult-1000mg of ceftriaxone/tazobactam given once a day.(or equally in divided doses)depending upon the severity of the infection.the total daily dose should not exceed 4gm.

Packing:-GRANTAZ 1.125gr injection.

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