Cephalosporin Group


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Composition –CEFOPERAZONE-1000 mg -SULBACTAM-500 mg. (2:1 ratio)

Class -3rd Generation Cephalosporin Antibiotics.

MODE OF ACTION– Cefoperazone inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis.-Sulbactam, is a Beta-Lactamase inhibitor enhances (Synergizes) the effect of cefoperazone making the Resistant strains (including Beta-lactamase producing) Susceptible.

INDICATION –RTI (Upper & Lower), UTI, Bacterial septicemia, Peritonitis and other intra-abdominal infection,Skin & Soft tissue Infection, Bone and joint infection, Pelvic inflammatory disease (P I D) , Endometritis, Gonorrhea, Pre & Post- operative prophylaxis.

Dose- 2 gr to 4gr/day I.M or I.V, B.I.D Maximum up to 8gr/day.

Packing -1.5gr vail with sterile water for injection.

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