About Us

Welcome to Agrani Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd

Our company was incorporated as “AGRANI GROUP” in the name of Agrani Homes Real Marketing Pvt. Ltd. On Feb 11, 2011.as a private Limited Company under the companies ACT, 1956.Now in our organization existing sectors like Real Estate ,IT & Educations.

AGRANI is a foremost, vertically integrated comprehensive pharmaceutical formulation development and marketing company headquartered in India.AGRANI aims to renovate itself into a global pharmaceutical drug company with amounting focus on cutting-edge research and developed markets.AGRANI PHARMACEUTICAL Pvt. Ltd., is a company of enduring potency. We are privileged that we are getting such a great responsibility of serving millions of people all across the world .We believe on the command “stay well and make everyone well”. As the science of human health.

Moreover,well being has grown, diseases have become overpowered and knowing this we have come forward to make diseases cry not us.